How to Make a Giveaway with GiveawayJet?

Your time is valuable! GiveawayJet helps you to pick random winners (who will receive the giveaway prizes) quickly, easily, and accurately. If your post is active, public, and has enough comments, you can now start preparing for the comment-picking process. Making Instagram giveaways with GiveawayJet is so easy!

Let’s go step by step on how to make it:

STEP 1 - Go to Instagram and Copy Your Post Link

To make a draw, GiveawayJet needs the post comments to find the right participants. So, to start the comment picking, go to your Instagram profile and head to your giveaway post. Click the “•••” icon on the top right corner. Then click the “Copy Link” button. Now your giveaway post is ready to be imported to Giveaway Jet! Get back to the main page of GiveawayJet and paste the post link to the dialogue under the “Instagram Post URL” title. Click “Get Started” to start setting up your giveaway rules.

STEP 2 - Set the Giveaway Rules:

Now that your post is imported to GiveawayJet you can start setting up your giveaway rules. These rules will be applied to the giveaway picking process and will filter comments according to your own rules.

Giveaway Title:

Please enter a title for your giveaway. It may be the prize name or any other custom name for your contest. Make sure it describes your giveaway well.

Participation Method:

  • Count each user once:

    There are two options here. Each will decide how the participants will be included in the giveaway:
  • Every comment is a chance:

    By selecting this option, you can include each and every comment in your contest. If there are 150 valid comments from a unique user, they will be included in the contest 150 times.


Enter the count of the winners you want for your contest here. Let’s say if you want five winners for your prize, set this to 5 and GiveawayJet will pick five comments from five unique users.

Alternate Winners:

Bots, unworthy winners, or inactive users have been observed to be picked as winners since the emergence of making giveaways. If you detect a bot or an inactive user, or maybe just couldn’t reach the winner, you can pick from the alternate winners. Please enter how many alternates you want here.


The length of the timer animation before the giveaway starts. You can always increase it for some excitement!


Enter the number of tags (@mentions) you decided as a rule for your giveaway. If you want your followers to tag five people to participate in your giveaway, please enter 5 here.


Sometimes giveaway makers want their followers to add a special phrase, emoji, or a word in their comments. For example, if you want your followers to include “Thank you for your giveaway” in their comment, please specify them here by pressing enter after each requirement.

STEP 3 - Select a Giveaway Pack

As soon as you’re done with the rules now you can pick the suitable pack for your giveaway. Do not forget that each pack has unique benefits! If you’ve decided on everything, now is the time to make the giveaway! Click next, and wait for GiveawayJet to gather your comments until the giveaway time. Don’t forget to share a LIVE link that shows the gathering process so that your followers can check the process until the giveaway time. Finally, when we’re done gathering all of the comments from the giveaway post, you can start the giveaway draw to pick your winners.

Thank you for using GiveawayJet.

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