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How to Make a Giveaway with GiveawayJet?

It's so SIMPLE to make giveaways on GiveawayJet! It takes only three simple steps: 1- Copy the post URL 2- Paste it on GiveawayJet 3- Set the Rules And you're ready to pick the lucky winners!

How do Instagram Giveaways work?


How do Instagram Giveaways work?

Instagram giveaways are the raffle contests that are participated by multiple Instagram users. They participate in the contest by tagging other people on the giveaway post. As they tag more and more people, the interaction levels of the giveaway maker will arise, leading to an organic increase on their visibility!

What is GiveawayJet?


What is GiveawayJet?

If it's time to pick the winners, you definitely need a giveaway comment picker tool. Don't worry, GiveawayJet here for you! GiveawayJet is the simplest Instagram giveaway tool ever. Your giveaway is only a few clicks away! Paste the link, set the rules and just sit back; GiveawayJet will handle the rest for you!