What is GiveawayJet?

Have you ever wished there was an easy way to have random people comment on your Instagram post, so you can pick the winner of your giveaway?

Now that wish has come true, with GiveawayJet!

All you need to do is use our web-based comment picker tool in just a few minutes. It's a practical tool that will save a lot of time. Set your own giveaway rules and announce the giveaway in your posts or stories. Then wait for new followers!

GiveawayJet is a random Instagram comment picker tool for your giveaways. It is simple and ready to use without having to download any apps or software. Start your giveaway campaign now by following a few simple steps. Create the rules, choose the prize and invite people who you think will be interested in taking part in your Instagram giveaway. Increase your followers by making giveaways with Giveaway Jet.

GiveawayJet, it’s the best way to pick a winner.

We’re here to help you with your Instagram giveaways. It's trusted by many Instagram influencers and it has a secure algorithm to pick the giveaway winner accurately. Even giveaway participants trust GiveawayJet for Instagram giveaways. No app or software is required to use it. It's ready to use for quick Instagram giveaways. Fast and safe.

GiveawayJet was created by our team including professional developers and Instagram influencers. Our Influencers have approved the quality of GiveawayJet on their actual giveaways. After contacting other fellow Influencer friends, they realized that people would love a simple way to run Instagram contests and giveaways, this helped us improve GiveawayJet even better... Before its release, our developer team spent over 6 months developing the best giveaway tool for Instagram - GiveawayJet. After months of testing, we decided to go live with it because of its simplicity, security, accuracy, and speed!

GiveawayJet is truly the best giveaway tool for Instagram!