How do Instagram Giveaways work?

Running an Instagram account with many followers comes with responsibilities in order to keep it running smoothly. If you want to be a famous Instagrammer, you need to be as active as possible. Popular Instagram accounts with more than 50k followers take such actions as regular events to remain active and popular around the digital world of social media. Of all the events they make, making giveaways are observed to be the best way for them to remain active and to gain more organic followers.

Making an Instagram giveaway has a basic pattern. Plus, you get organic followers even with only one giveaway contest.

These contests are made with raffle draws. Generally, a picture of the gift is shared on the profile of the contest maker. Followers who are interested in the giveaway will show up on the giveaway post and they’ll start participating. Usually, they participate in the giveaway by following the contest maker, liking their giveaway post, and tagging other friends in the comments.

As many followers show up on the giveaway post, the contest holder will get more and more followers from this special event. Instagram takes all interactions into account. The likes you get, profile visits, view counts, etc. When you make a giveaway , these interaction rates increase as your followers bring more and more people to your profile.

Let’s take a look at it in examples:

  • Sarah and John are two different Instagram users.

  • Sarah is your follower and sees your Instagram giveaway contest.

  • In order to participate in your contest, Sarah has to follow you, tag a friend, and like the giveaway post.

  • John is a friend of Sarah and he isn’t your follower.

  • Sarah is interested in your giveaway and tags John to participate.

  • John likes your giveaway post, follow you, and tags another friend named Robert.

  • Robert does the same by tagging Abigail,

  • Abigail tags Ellie,

  • And so…

Within this process, your profile gets more and more followers with more interactions. With more interactions, you’ll get more from Instagram. You can see the people interacting with your photos and stories after participating in your giveaway. Moreover, as they are coming from your followers’ circle, they are the potential audience for your Instagram content. After making a giveaway , you’ll get permanent followers in this sense.

So, you have shared your post, prepared your gifts, getting new followers and interactions. But how are you going to make the giveaway? It’s simple, you need a trustworthy comment picker for Instagram!

You are lucky because GiveawayJet is here for you!

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